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After a long day at work, there is nothing more stressful than coming home and finding that your keys are missing or your keys break off in the lock. Want to deal the problem efficiently with a minimum amount of fuss? Then read on: 

Don’t force the door open:

Most of the people panic when their key snaps off in the lock, and they might be tempted to push the door with a shoulder barge or a kick. However, these kinds of actions should be avoided because the door might suffer permanent damage which could be expensive to fix. 

Dial 859-534-3182 and call our specialists for lock opening service:

After resisting the urge to force the door open, pick up your phone and call Newport KY Locksmith Store to deal with the problem. Our expert locksmiths provide a full range of lock opening services, without causing fuss and charging the earth. At Newport KY Locksmith Store, we have a reputation for charging our customers a fair price for any work. Furthermore, we understand that you are not ready to wait for too long when you’re locked out of your property, so we average our emergency response time to approximately 25 to 30 minutes. If our technicians can’t make it within the promised time, they will let you know in advance.

Why choose us?

Newport KY Locksmith Store Newport, KY 859-534-3182Newport KY Locksmith Store is an established locksmith company, serving the lock & locksmith needs of Newport, KY. In these ten years of journey, we have successfully undertaken thousands and thousands of locksmithing services. With our lock opening service, if you want to replace a mortice lock or a cylinder lock, our technical team can do it immediately since our service vans are well stocked with all the essential tools and locks.
Our technicians closely work with the industry to get themselves updated of latest technological advancements. As our lockmasters are practicing on the most recent technology in the market, they can open or repair just about any lock. Additionally, our locksmiths are skilled in the art of non-destructive and always attempt to open locks without causing damage, hence saving you many dollars in replacing the damaged locks with new ones. At Newport KY Locksmith Store, we cover the whole of Newport, KY, providing fast locksmith services.
Besides our lock opening service, we also provide a full range of locksmithing services in and around the surrounding zones of Newport, KY. For more information, just give us a call on 859-534-3182.